Dr. Geoffrey Ames

I am sincerely committed to providing the finest medical care to all my patients.

My goal is for you to achieve optimal physical, emotional and mentalhealth.

Welcome to the Ames Medical Center

We are conveniently located at 750 Swift Blvd., Suite 1, Richland, Washington, just opposite the Richland Public Library.

I have practiced Holistic Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Dermatology, Allergies and Immunology since 1994.

I treat the person, not the symptoms. My primary focus is on discovering the underlying cause of your health issues. I listen to you and value your input. I am committed to helping you live a longer and happier life.

I address all family practice issues for men, women and children. I specialize in treating the following conditions:

  • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women
  • Food Allergies, Environmental Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Gluten Intolerance
  • Candida and Fungal Overgrowth
  • Preventative and Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Hypothyroidism (Low thyroid activity)
  • IV Therapies (Chelation and Vitamin C)
  • Heavy Metal and Chemical Detoxification
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Chronic Neurodegenerative Diseases (Lou Gehrig Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease
  • Autism and Attention Deficite Disorders
  • MTHFR Mutation

Natural health therapies can change your life! Everyone is unique, this is called biochemical individuality. We can help you to identify your unique body chemistry and the related health challenges. We want to help you look forward to brighter days.

At my health center, I perform natural hormone replacement using Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets, Creams or Gels. Bio-identical hormone therapies help keep your hormones in optimal balance. Hormonal imbalances occur frequently with age and lifestyle changes. Deficiencies of particular hormones are especially common in women and men after menopause and in men over the age of 40. Replacement hormones are bio-identical to the hormones that your body naturally produce and they can be administered by a number of different methods whichever is more convenient and comfortable for you. Symptoms associated to hormone imbalances are plentiful, making self-diagnosis almost impossible. Find out if abnormal hormone levels may be having an adverse effect on your overall health and wellness.


Complementary health medicine is a quickly expanding field which encompasses many modalities of treatment. Our holistic healing center is home to highly experienced staff trained in complementary healing. These natural techniques take all wellness factors into consideration. Each patient's treatment protocol is based on their own unique combination of medical history, current and past symptoms and their personal bio-chemistry. Schedule an appointment today and let us help you find your path to true wellness.

I also provide comprehensive food allergy testing. Symptoms caused by food allergies can range from mild to severe. Finding out what foods you may be allergic to and treating these food allergies can improve your overall health and wellness.